Pinna Paletta

Every space is an open canvas waiting for the perfect touch. With an abstract textural pattern and palette of finish possibilities, the Pinna Paletta collection by Laura Kirar gives users that touch. Emulating Laura Kirar’s vision of creating jewelry-like pieces for the bathroom, this collection marries tactile details with sculptural forms to deliver something that’s not only stunningly beautiful but also highly interactive. Whether you see it as a thumbprint, feather or African tribal weaving, discover the power behind an artisan’s touch.

Laura Kirar

LAURA KIRAR, founder and creative director of Laura Kirar Design, is an internationally renowned interior and product designer with a degree in sculpture and interior architecture from the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. Under her experienced direction, her team creates elegant, innovative interiors and products for the home. Kirar’s designs have been featured in many top print and web publications including House Beautiful, Time magazine, and Elle Décor to name a few. Her extensive world travels and passion for artistic exploration infuse her work with originality and thoughtful attention to detail.