Enjoy The Luxury of a Smart Toilet in Your Home

Kohler Eir

Intelligent toilets offer a modern, luxurious experience for users. Smart toilets provide comfort and care with upgraded features and amenities, like heated seats, automatic flushing, UV sanitization, night lights and bidet functionality. Take your bathroom from basic to brilliant with the convenience and relaxation of a smart toilet!

Heated Seats – A heated seat is the ultimate luxury for any bathroom. With a tap of a button, you can adjust the temperature to your desired level and enjoy a warm seat that’s ready when you are. No more shivering in the middle of winter while you wait for the seat to heat up! Plus, it’s perfect for those chilly mornings or late nights when you just want to relax and get ready for bed.

Bidet Functionality – Bidets are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and hygienic benefits. Smart toilets come with several adjustable settings so users can customize their experience based on their individual needs. From spray pressure control to adjustable water temperature settings to air dryers — these features make your entire bathroom routine more efficient and enjoyable.

Kohler Eir intelligent toilet

Night Lights – Night lights offer an extra layer of safety in the dark hours of the night by providing visibility without having to turn on a bright overhead light. Some intelligent toilets even come with motion sensing lights so they automatically turn on when someone enters the room — no more fumbling around looking for switches! Additionally, this feature is great for children who may be scared of entering dark bathrooms in the middle of the night.

Automatic Flushing & UV Sanitization – Automatic flushing eliminates cross-contamination between users by preventing germs from being transferred through contact points like handles or buttons. Additionally, integrated UV sanitization helps keep your toilet clean by killing bacteria that can cause odors or other hygiene issues. It’s also an eco-friendly option since it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals that may be harmful to both people and our environment.

Intelligent toilets provide a truly luxurious experience that can take any bathroom from basic to extraordinary. From heated seats to bidet functionality to automatic flushing and UV sanitization — these smart toilets offer comfort, convenience and safety that will make your time in the bathroom much more enjoyable! Whether you’re looking for something special for yourself or want to upgrade your home’s interior design — investing in an intelligent toilet is always worth it!