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Bathroom Design & Build

In a space where your day begins and your night ends, you deserve to have relaxation and comfort you’ve earned. Here at Aquavato we have a variety of products ranging from different technologies, thoughtful design and spa like amenities that will help transform your bathroom into your personal oasis.

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Kitchen Design & Build

From a chef’s kitchen to a stylish entertainment space, we can help you make your kitchen into a space you and your guests will love and find comfort in. Whether to you that means sleek lines and a chic faucet option for your contemporary kitchen or a more refined piece for your traditional custom cabinets, we have something special to meet your style and functionality requirements.

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About Us

Combined with our knowledge and a large variety of luxury bathroom and kitchen fixtures, Aquavato is the all-encompassing studio where you can build your dream home and elevate your space. Our excellent customer service tailors to each individual’s unique taste, from personalized finishes to hand crafted fixtures. Located in the heart of Toronto’s design District, you will find unique quality brands that will convert your kitchen and bathroom spaces into an area you will find delight in everyday.

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Our showroom is moving to a new space in the King East Design District. For now, we are still here at 256 King Street East to support all your Bathroom and Kitchen project needs. Contact us today to schedule a virtual consultation or an in-person consultation at one of our affiliated showroom locations.



At Aquavato, we have a variety of stylish unique fixtures that are sure to fit your style
here are some of our favourites.

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The bathroom is an important aspect of our home for my partner and I. We both take pride in how we look (do not get me started on his hair), and find ourselves fighting for time in the morning. Anyone who works a lot with mirrors putting on make-up, getting ready for an important meeting or styling hair knows that sometimes a basic mirror doesn’t cut it. Robern has a solution, and an added touch that brings it above the rest.


Have you ever heard the term ‘Intelligent Toilet?’ If so what comes to mind?  A toilet with the ability to be more knowledgeable than us? An extraterrestrial type toilet? One that can speak to you or even monitor your weight and analyze your body mass index? To tell you the truth, you aren’t too far off.

Conserve Water and Protect your home from unexpected water leaks!


Kohler recently launched a new water monitoring system that protects you against unexpected water leaks and potential water damage. The H2Wise+ includes features that can alert you of any potential leaks and automatically turn off the water at the source to protect against damage and potential renovation costs. The system provides 24/7 monitoring and is accessible through the Kohler Konnect app for real-time monitoring. The H2Wise+ is also great for measuring water usage and water pressure to assist in reducing water consumption leading to greater water conservation.

At-Home Spa Amenities for Your Dream Home

There is nothing more luxurious than a relaxing spa visit to help relax and unwind. Spa amenities do not only need to be reserved for the occasional spa visit. Below we outline a few of our favourite at home spa amenities for consideration for your dream home renovation. These amenities promote health, wellness and peace of mind. Experience the ultimate wellness spa amenities…

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